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Attention Golfers:  The golf course will be closed every Thursday morning till 11 AM for maintenance.

Rules of Golf

Casual water is any temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after the player takes his stance. Dew and frost are not casual waters.



Golf Tip

Most golfers miss the green short very few miss the green long. Analyze your round and add up the number of times you miss short and the number of times you miss your shots long. You will find that you come up short a lot more often than you go long. The reason for this is that the average player does not hit the ball squarely on the club face in a consistent manner but they pick the club assuming that they will hit that cub perfectly all the time when in reality they miss hit the ball over 60% of the time or even more. The next time you go out  write down which clubs come up short most often. You will  likely find out that your longer clubs come up short more often than the shorter clubs. After putting all this information together the next time you play hit one more club than you  normally would hit with those clubs that you leave short most often. If you are leaving over 60 percent of your shots short then take one more club throughout the whole round. You will find out that you will be on the green  more often and your misses will be closer to the green and your scores will be lower.

Happy Golfing,