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Town Meeting - Feb. 8th at 7pm in Cove .... BOD Meeting - Feb. 11th at 1pm in Cove


    A new registration program has been installed for the Savanna Club website.  Residents wishing to view certain features within the site will be required to re-register to establish a login/password.  Hopefully you find this new process a little easier than previous.

    All logins at this time will be from this front page.  When you submit your registration, an email will be sent which will ask you to confirm your email address by clicking on the link provided.  You account will not be activated until that validation is complete.

    Thank you.

    If you have any problems or suggests, please contact


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Welcome to Savanna Club

     This web site is designed to keep the residents of Savanna Club abreast of the numerous club and association meetings and activities and planned community events.  It will also provide useful/needed information regarding emergencies (weather or nuclear) and items regarding the community in general.

     Additionally, the site will provide ready access to our part-time residents during their absence regarding community activities and events.

     Through this site, it is hoped that near real-time updates of information can be provided to the community.  The scrolling banner at the top of this page will alert the community to items of immediate concern (i.e. boil water orders, weather threats), or to important meetings or events.  Furthermore, the site's information base can be expanded as needed to meet community needs and desires.

     This site is intended to supplement the information presented on Channel 63 and in the Voice and not replace them.


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